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TrainTimes Morocco v1.1 is here

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Release

Dear All

Here’s the awaited version with new features, a new UI Design and better user experience. Actually not all the features that i had planned to factor in this release are there. Some of them are going to have to wait for a couple of weeks before they can see the light. I’m not going to tell you what they are I’ll leave it all for you to discover soon.

So What’s new in this release?

Firstly, i’ve added search to both views to make it even faster to choose your destination. The search has helped improve the user experience tremendously and it’s a lot easier to choose stations. Also you get the best of both worlds you can either use the Journey Planner if you’re out and about or in a rush to catch the next train. On the other hand the map is now easier to use for people who would like to know exactly where they’re going and how they can get there.

We’ve included an iAd on this release. So for those of you who are in iAd enabled countries this is the best way to show how much you love the App. We need to keep this thing going and we can’t do it without your help. You like free apps, i like free apps. So let’s keep it that way ;P

The App is still fast. We’re still working on improving the search and make it faster. It’s bug free as usual and doesn’t crash. If it ever does please report it to us.

I just want to point out that the purpose of the app is to offer an experience and not just train timetables. We don’t want to make this just another train time app, but a reference in train travel.

We have some amazing ideas we want to include on the App and make it even more amazing. So if you have any comments feel free to share them and let us know you can reach us using your favourite Social Network or here by leaving a comment.

I hope you all like this new release and enjoy the app.

App Development Team



iOS 5.0 Compatibility on the way

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Release

Dear All

If you have recently updated your iOS on your device you may experience some problems with the Map feature of the App and some slowness in searching for timetables. This is due to the fact that the App is not currently supported for iOS 5.0. The reason for that is because we are trying to work on covering a wider range of iOS 4 versions for people with early Jailbroken phones and tomorrow this should be sorted. We are currently resolving some issues with the iOS 5 version and an update should be there sooner than expected.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused. I hope you all love the App and find it useful.

Peace out

Check out the app available now on the App Store

You can find us also on Twitter and Facebook

TrainTimes Morocco is the fist iPhone app which gives offline access to train and coach stations throughout the country. Stay tuned for more 😉